Our Visit To University of Westminster Open Day

Earlier this week; myself, Guler and Narissa visited University of Westminster open day. We were excited and never at the same time to see what this university had to offer. Taking the fact that this is one of the most popular universities in London when it comes to media, film and television; the most exciting thing that we couldn’t wait to see was the facilities that they had.

When we first entered the university, we was every so kindly greeted by current and former students of the university who had given up there time to show us new and hopefully joining students what University of Westminster is all about. After about 10 minutes of gathering all the information we need in terms of finding the course we wanted to see, we were quickly escorted off by two twins who were very friendly and kind.

We then entered a lecture room which was so full of hopeful students that there was no seats available. Myself, Guler and Narissa all sacrificed our feet and arses to the hard floor stairs which gave us nothing but great pain! Besides that we thoroughly enjoyed the mini course lecture that was presented to us by the course subject teachers. They seemed quite competitive with each other, especially when it came to talking about there course.


The second half of the open day involved us being shown around the television and media section of the university. The showed us all the different camera and computer rooms, all the technology that we will use when we go to the university and the accommodation. They didn’t go into full detail about using the equipment but they did on several occasions tell us how to set up the equipment and what we could use it for.


Finally, we were shown the accommodation. All 3 of us was slightly confused on the standards of the two different blocks of residence but we were pleased with the overall look of the building. The single rooms looked extremely nice and totally took me by surprise. I expected the rooms to be quiet small and not every appealing but they were actually really nice and quiet big.

I really enjoyed my experience visiting the University of Westminster. Without a doubt they are definetly in my top 3 choices for university.



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