Rita Ora vs. Calvin Harris ?!? Pop Stars Rivals!!!

If you follow both these pop stars on Twitter, you would know of the recent feud that has being boiling up between them. British pop singer Rita Ora has fired back at Calvin Harris after he claims that she was lying about being offered ‘Call My Name’ which late went to Cheryl Cole. Earlier last month Rita Ora claimed that she was offered Call My Name but later turned it down because it wasn’t her style. After hearing of this statement, Calvin Harris quickly took to Twitter and wrote:

“For the record, Call My Name was never given to Rita Ora to sing… she made that up, don’t know why. Read it on Wikipedia just then, its (sic) crazy how news stories become facts like that! I was setting the record straight as you didn’t at the time. It was a disrespectful comment to make, that’s all”.

Rita didn’t take kindly to Calvin’s tweets. However rather than totally ripping Calvin to shreds on Twitter she simply replied to his tweet with:

“I hate beef and fighting. So I love u all calvinharris call me ill explain wat actually happened they twisted it…”

Calvin Harris has always been at the centre of drama when it comes to his music and other artists. In 2010, drama between him and Chris Brown started when calvin accused Chris of plagiarism for Chris’ hit song ‘Yeah X3′.

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