TV Review: Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta

Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta premiered in America on the 18th of June a received a luke warm response. With a season filled with fights, southern fried chicken and the occasional diss track here and there; it is safe to say that Love and Hip-Hop hasn’t changed in the slightest. This season sees a whole new cast in a whole new city battling against each other for respect and fame.

We are introduced to new cast members: Mimi Faust, Rasheeda Buckner, Karlie Reed, K. Michelle, Joseline Hernandez and Erica Dixon. All these ladies are feisty and fresh and definitely know what they want. Sub lining the cast is Stevie J, Mommy Dee Nutz, Ariane and Lil’ Scrappy. I find this cast to be rather disappointing as I don’t know not one person on the show unlike Love and Hip-Hop where you were aware of Jim Jones, Chrissy Lampkin and Olivia.

After watching the super trailer, I pretty much made up my mind about even attempting to watch the show. Firstly, it seems quite ratchet and I use that word ever so lightly. The 10 second previews of arguing that was shown in the trailer seemed to make these girls look nothing more hood than usual.

As a fan of the first series; Love and Hip-Hop, it doesn’t feel near enough as classy or interesting. With Chrissy Lampkin threatening to punch someone every 5 minutes and Somaya Reece spreading her Latin love, this series seems like a flop. I doubt I will watch this show and if I do I will be deeply disappointed within myself. Sorry Atlanta, but this isn’t doing it for me.

Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta Super Trailer

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Promo Trailer

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