REVIEW: BBC Radio 1 Hackney Weekend

BBC Radio 1 Hackney Weekend has ended and what a festival it’s been. We had rain, mud, surprise guest performers, an egyptian mummy and Beyonce moshing. London was on fire this weekend that was down to two very special headliners; Rihanna and Jay-Z. Both; who bought each other on as special guests surprised each other with the performances. On Saturday we got to witness Jay-Z blow up the stage at Hackney when he brought on surprise guests such as Kanye West, Rihanna and M.I.A. Besides that we were excited to see Beyonce enjoying herself as she moshed with her friends in the private ground area.

On Sunday, we witness the R&B queen Rihanna do what she does best. Not only was her set design amazing to look at but her as the performer was amazing to watch. She surprised everyone but returning the favor and bring on her mentor Jay-Z to collaborate on 3 songs. The best part of Rihanna’s set was when she kindly asked one of her fans to put her music pack onto her bra strap!

Despite all the swearing and ocassional fireworks here and then Hackney was amazing and it has totally geared very one up for the rest of the festivals this year. In case you missed it here are some pictures from BBC Radio 1 Hackney Weekend.




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