Our Visit To The London Festival of Photography

This week; myself, Narissa and Alfie visited the London Festival of Photography. We went to two very popular festivals 3space and The Kings Cross Photography Festival. I was personally excited to attend this event because photography is something I am highly interested in besides film and TV. Firstly we decided to visit 3space. Despite that fact that it took us quite a bit of time to find 3space, when we did find it I have to admit it was a little disappointing but surprising interesting. The photograph’s that were presented in the festival/exhibition all looked some what the same. Despite this though the pieces of art that were displayed were okay.

After we finished viewing 3space we decided to go to The Kings Cross Photography Festival. Besides me actually thinking that it was generally going to be a actual festival, it turned that it was just a street view version of a gallery. There was loads of pictures attached to the wall that was taken by different photographers such as Justin Sainsbury, David Mason and Richard Baker. We spotted several people admiring the photo work as well as ourselves.

I really enjoyed visiting these two festival/exhibitions this week. I didn’t learn much about the photographers but however I did learn about different camera angles and the different types and styles of photography.



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