Big Brother 2012 EXCLUSIVE: Arron, Deana, Conor and Becky Are Up For Nomination This Week!

Less than an hour ago, it was revealed via Channel 5 and Big Brother that Arron, Deana, Conor and Becky will all be up for eviction this week. Today was nomination day and all housemates were on edge. Considering that each housemate has a grudge against each other, no one looked safe. Basing Deana’s fate on last weeks nominations; it looks very likely that she will be safe this week, however the sun is shining so bright for Conor or Arron. In the last two weeks we have all witness Conor and Arron bully Deana is ways that are totally unacceptable. I’m a bit surprised at the housemates that are up for nomination though.  I would have liked to see Ashleigh, Luke S, Conor and Caroline up for nomination this week. One of the housemates above will be evicted on Friday.

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