Big Brother 2012: Nominations Revealed, Shievonne and Conor Face The Public Vote This Week!

We can reveal that Shievonne and Conor will be facing the public vote this week in the Big Brother house. The nominations this weeks comes from and dramatic and intense week as the housemates were separated for BB’s Task: Turf Wars. The house was split into two teams; the Green team and the Blue. The Green team consisted of Adam, Scott, Becky, Luke S, Deana and latest evictee Arron; whilst the Blue team consisted of Conor, Caroline, Sara, Shievonne, Lauren, Luke A and Ashleigh. In the past week each team had to battle against each other to win complete control over certain areas in the house. The Green team won the bedroom, the bathroom and the kitchen whilst the Blue team won the lounge and the garden. The final task was winning the Diary Room which came with one rule, which ever team wins the Diary Room would be the only team that would nominate this week.

The Blue team chose Luke A to represent them and the Green team chose Adam to represent them. Prior to taking part in the task, Luke A told fellow team member and current BFF Lauren that he was going to fail the task on purpose that the opposite team; which consists of most of his friends win the task and have full access to nominations this week. However, he quickly dropped that plan and went ahead with the task. The Blue team did win the Diary Room task however they had the win revoked from them due to Conor, Caroline and Ashleigh talking about nominations, which is a clear breach of the rules. This meant that the Green team had won the Diary Room task and they were the only housemates that could nominate.

Prior to this task, it was Shievonne’s birthday. Big Brother had rewarded Shievonne and the Blue team with a surprise meal party which had a few surprises. The housemates on the Blue team could pick one housemate that they would ask questions to. Sadly, for the Green team they chose public enemy one two Adam. Adam answered the questions in the worst way possible which angered a few of the housemates such as Conor, Shievonne and Caroline. This outrage quickly turned into a overnight argument between certain housemates.

Since the Green team won the task , the Green members had to nominate today and it turns out that Shievonne and Conor are up for nomination. Who do you think will go?

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