American Idol: Did Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler Leave or Were They Booted Off???

This week, it was revealed that Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler had both quit American Idol due to unknown reasons. It was speculated that Jennifer departed from the show because she requested more money which seems a slight “diva-ish” coming from someone who can literally afford a whole country. Steven Tyler on the other hand, who fame and general interest is below the average 0 had quit due to unknown reasons. This just leaves little Randy Jackson all by himself. Mariah Carey and legendary soul singer Aretha Franklin have both been rumored to replace Jennifer and Steven.

It think it’s time to all be honest. American Idol died the minute Simon Cowell left. Don’t get me wrong it has had it’s good bits but without Simon the show is nothing. The question on everybody’s lips is ‘what will happen to the show’? Will new judges be bought in to replace the old ones? Will Ryan Seacrest still host the show? Will there even be a show anymore? No one knows.

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