The Inbetweeners USA – First Look Trailer and Review!!!

MTV official released the official trailer for The Inbetweeners USA. The show which is an remake of E4’s hit comedy show The Inbetweeners is set to premier in America towards the end of August. Along with a whole new show comes a whole new bunch of actors portraying the legendary characters from the original British comedy. As a huge fan of the British version, I have to admit that I am sadly disappointed by the remake. I felt as if MTV has somewhat mocked a great national show that everybody loves.  The characters in this series feels and seems nothing like the British series. They don’t seem like ‘inbetweeners’, they don’t see funny and most importantly they don’t seem to have the same sense of humour like the original characters.

The whole idea of the show generally seems like a failure. I feel that sometimes when other network companies abroad decided to clone a popular show , they should at least try and make it there own. It seems that all they have done is taken the story and the characters and just had American actors act it out. I am quite disappointed and highly doubt that I will be watching this show when it finally does grace our screens. Check out the trailer below.

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