Mariah Carey Becomes The Highest Paid Judge in TV History As She Takes $18 Million To Be American Idol Judge!

It’s been somewhat of a great week for Mariah Carey. She’s managed to bag $18 million dollars to take over Jennifer Lopez’s role in American Idol and she recently revealed on Twitter that she has a new song coming out called Triumphant which features Rick Ross and Meek Mill. Her American Idol judge role doesn’t come as much of a surprise as it has been circulating for sometime that she would become a judge for one for Simon Cowell’s talent shows. I must admit I am kinda looking forward to Mariah taking Jennifer’s place.

Jennifer was good on American Idol but let’s be honest, she didn’t rock our boat the way that we wanted her to. Jennifer is known to be a ‘Diva’ just like Mariah Carey yet we didn’t hear anything or see anything of the such. This is why we are looking forward to Mariah taking her spot. We all know Mariah can be a little bitch when she wants to and to be honest, I think it will make for good TV. She has now become the world’s highest paid TV Judge beating Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears and her own boss Simon Cowell.

Not only that but she also revealed on twitter that she will be making a comeback with a song called Triumphant which will feature Rick Ross and Meek Mill. Things are looking good for the beautiful star and after a year of sick husbands, illness and giving birth; we can’t say were mad at Mariah. Good on ya girl! 🙂

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