Big Brother 2012: Ashleigh, Becky, Deana and Luke A Face Eviction This Week!

After the rather pleasing and dramatic exit from the most bitchiest and annoying housemate of all time Caroline, this week seems to have gotten more interesting. This week Big Brother decided to give the housemates a well deserving break from nominations and let there friends and family nominate for them instead. As the result shows from above; Ashleigh, Becky, Deana and Luke A will face eviction this week. It is still unknown whether it will be a double eviction or a standard single eviction however I think it’s quite obvious who will stay and who will go.

Since the very beginning of the show Deana and Luke A have been clear favorites to win. We won over the nation when it was publicized that she was clearly being bullied by majority of the housemates in the house. Deana has since remained strong and has been saved from the public everytime she is up for nomination. The lovable and sweet Luke A has also been a clear favorite to win ever since he revealed his past to the housemates. Considering that Deana and Luke A are THE most genuine housemates, it is safe to say that they have a huge chance of being safe this week.

On the other hand, Ashleigh and Becky don’t look so good. Ashleigh; who is clearly playing a game has become public enemy number one after she revealed that she doesn’t even like Luke S and when she snitched on Luke A to Becky. Big mouth Becky is the clear favorite to go this week and I 100% agree with her being voted off. When she first arrived she seemed okay, lovely and fun but ever since Shievonne pointed out that she was an actress things became clear for the public that Becky was a actress. One minute she is #teamoutsiders and the next minute she is #teaminsiders. One word too describe Becky is FAKE. Personally I think that Becky and Ashleigh should go if it’s a double eviction and if it’s a single eviction Becky to Go.

What do you think? Leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

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