Idiot of the Week: Madonna

Yes, Idiot of the Week goes to Madonna. Now two weeks ago I was meant to give Madonna Idiot of the Week but I completely forgot and only remembered today. Now the reason why I am giving Madonna Idiot of the Week is because two weeks ago she was touring in London at Hyde Park as part of her MDNA tour and the things that she did whilst on this tour not only discussed me but the entire British nation. For those of you who are not aware of the attention seeking antics that Madonna pulled two weeks ago let me enlighten you.

  • She said “I Love You Poland” whilst in Hyde Park in front of a crowd of 50,000 people
  • She gave the most unimpressive strip tease ever
  • She held a gun to her head and point it at the crown several times
  • The sound quality and her vocals was poor
  • She charged £77 for a 45 minute show

Listen up Madonna, I know your getting old and time is catching up with you but you’ve got to STOP now. Stop singing, stop this attention seeking, stop stripping off and stop trying to compete with Lady Gaga. Prior to this stunt, she wiped out that dry powder milk sack that she calls her breast whilst on stage in  Istanbul. Nobody wants to see her dry breast whilst standing in the rain. Cover that up and act you age not you shoe size. Nobody cares about you Madonna. Grow up and stop showing off your body like you 20 cause your not. You nearly 100 and your practically a fossil.

Idiot of the Week goes to Madonna.

What do you think. Leave a comment at the bottom of the page.


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