FEATURE: Marcela Gutiérrez

This month’s feature goes to Marcela Gutiérrez; a fashion illustrator, fashion designer and painter. I stumbled across Marcela Gutiérrez artwork when I was looking for a particular Beyonce picture that I need for one of my blog posts. When I first saw the painting of Beyonce that Marcela Gutiérrez had painted I was so taken back by her work that I instantly had to research her and what she has done. To my amazement, the artwork that I had found excited me and ever since then I have slightly been obsessed with her work (in a good way LOL). The bright colors and amazingly structured paintings captured me and I desperately wanted to make Marcela Gutiérrez and her artwork a feature on the blog.

A lot of things in society inspire me and my work. Being involved in the film and television industry, I often have to use my creativity to express my style, opinions and thoughts in my work. What I love the most about Marcela Gutiérrez’s work is that each piece of her work has a story behind it. I feel like each one of her paintings has a hidden secret and I have to try and figure out what it is. I know that sounds strange but that’s what inspires me about the paintings. In films, you have to be able to tell a story without making it obvious.

When I was in secondary school, I used to study Art and Design as a GCSE and let me tell you I sucked so bad at Art. I was terrible with the brushes, couldn’t paint a basic flower if I tried and I could never remember the name of certain paintings let alone the artist who painted them. Seeing all this artwork took me back to that moment in my life and really made me realize that I never gave Art a chance. I wish I had now.

I am very honored to make Marcela Gutiérrez a feature on my blog and I hope that she is honored by this article. Her work has inspired me and i’m sure it will inspire you.

What do you think? Leave a comment at the bottom of the page.


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