Idiot of the Week – Azealia Banks

Yes, Idiot of the Week this week goes to Azealia Banks. No disrespect to Azealia because I do like her and her music HOWEVER all this Twitter wars and rants that she has been starting over the last couple months has been rather annoying. The first victim that Azealia Banks claimed as a rival is Australian rapper Iggy Azalea. This beef which steamed from nothing has been a highlight of both of there careers. Azealia’s was pissed off at Iggy for two reasons:

  1. Iggy Azalea rapped the words “Runway Slave Master” in one of her songs
  2. Iggy Azalea was included in XXL’s Freshman list 2012 and Azealia was not

Not only did this beef involves Iggy, it also involved her boss T.I. He took to Power 105.1’s hit show “The Breakfast Club” to express his anger and frustration at Azealia running off at the mouth. T.I. called the feud stupid and petty and said that Azealia needs to grow up. Think he’s quite right there.

Her second victim was female rapper Kreayshawn. At the beginning of the year Kreayshawn tweeted some of Azealia’s lyrics from her hit song “212” on Twitter which included a explicit link from the porn website This didn’t settle well with Azealia and she responded to her the way she knew how…TWITTER! The argument went a little something like this (read the images below):

The third victim was Lil’ Kim. Azealia had “apparently” asked Lil’ Kim to feature on a song and when Azealia offered to write Lil’ Kim’s lyrics for her Lil’ Kim firmly declined the chance to work with Azealia. This ignited a flame in Azealia and cause her to yet again open her mouth and start a feud with Lil’ Kim. When Lil’ Kim was interviewed by Power 105.1’s morning segment ‘The Breakfast Club’, Lil’ Kim replied to these rumors by saying “that she had never seen or spoken to this girl a day in her life”. This is the point were I started to think that something wasn’t right with Azealia. You can read her rant about Lil’ Kim in the images below:

Her fourth victim was Nicki Minaj. Azealia went to Twitter and told all her fans that Nicki Minaj had asked to join her on her Pink Friday tour as a guest however she had to decline Nicki’s offer because she was busy finishing off her debut album. Now Nicki Minaj didn’t exactly reply directly to what Azealia however Nicki did reply with this (check the image below):

Her most current victim is hip hop rapper Jim Jones. Azealia tweeted her personal definition of the word ‘VAMP’. So irrelevant man named Rahiem decided to included Jim Jones in his next tweet were he told Azealia that Jim Jones invented that term and she should stop using it as her own. This then blew up and some not nice words were thrown back and fourth between Azealia and Jim. The argument ended up getting a bit to serious when Jim Jones called Azealia a two-bit slore. Ouch!!! Check it out below:

Honestly, someone needs to get hold of Azealia’s Twitter account and shut it down. I am tried of hearing about her wars and beefs with various celebrities. If Azealia carries on she is gonna be known for being that chick who had one song and several fights with celebs more famous than herself. I don’t know maybe Azealia likes arguing but she really needs to close her mouth and focus on her music and bring out something for people to remember her by cause currently at this very moment she is known more for her arguing than her talent and music. I do not want to hear another feud between Azealia and another celebrity otherwise I am giving her IDIOT OF THE YEAR!!!!

What do you think? Leave a comment at the bottom of the page.



  1. What the fuzzy with the spell check/Iggy deserved to be served! Auntie3times 4REAL. FYI, TI reference “Some Bitch Shit” in his rant. Sooo inappropriate w/him hvng a beautiful wife, Mother & daughter.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I apologize for the spelling…oops my fault. As to everything else, Iggy didn’t deserve to be slated. Artist should respect other artist and I didn’t want to reference everything T.I. said because of it was harsh.

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