The X Factor UK Returns 18th August!

The X Factor UK is due to return the 18th of August and even though everyone else excited to see the UK’s biggest reality TV show return, I on the other hand am not. As much as I adore the show and it’s creator Simon Cowell, I honestly don’t think i’m ready to stomach another series of The X Factor. Everyone is aware of the dramas that have followed this series before the show has even started. If you have forgotten, let me refresh your memory! Well, Kelly Rowland made that dramatic exit after the Misha B bullying drama that was fueled by Tulisa. According to reports, her real reasoning for leaving was because she asked for more money and the X Factor bosses said no. The show was then left stranded in the ocean when it was revealed that there was no one possible to replace Kelly!

Over the course of the summer, The X Factor has had to ask several celebrities to guest judge the show while they was looking for a permanent judge to replace Kelly Rowland. Rita Ora, Mel B, Anastasia, Geri Halliwell and Leona Lewis had all taken the offer to be guest judges on the X Factor. It was announced a month ago that Nicole Scherzinger would officially replace Kelly Rowland. Am I the only one that finds Nicole quite boring to watch especially after seeing her on The X Factor US 2011?

I personally really wanted Kelly to return this series but it was quite obvious that she wasn’t going to. If anything I will only watch the auditions and that’s it. I’m not a big fan of Tulisa or Gary Barlow and Louis Walsh is IRRELEVANT. I have no general interest in this years series. None what so ever!

You can watch The X Factor UK which returns 18th August on ITV.

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