Evelyn Lozada Files For Divorce From Chad Ochocinco!!!

Not even a day after it was revealed that Chad Ochocinco has assaulted his new wife Evelyn Lozada by head-butting her in the face, it comes a no surprise that Evelyn has filed for divorce after just 41 days of marriage! On Sunday it was reported via TMZ that Chad and Evelyn got into a huge fight after Evelyn found a receipt for condoms in Chad’s car which resulted to Chad head-butting Evelyn in the face. Reportedly Evelyn ran to the neighbors house and asked them to call 911.

Chad was arrested and charged with a domestic battery charge against Evelyn. Since then Evelyn has released an issue statement on the incident by simply saying “CHAD NEEDS HELP”! Evelyn and Chad have officially broken Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries record for having one of the shortest marriages in Hollywood. Kim and Kris got divorced after just 72 days of being married. In this particular case I can understand why Evelyn is divorcing Chad. Unlike Kim Kardashian, Evelyn has a reason to divorce Chad. Domestic Violence should NEVER be okay in a marriage let alone a household. I hope Evelyn is okay.

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