Bad Week for Nicki Minaj?

It has been somewhat of a bad week for Miss Nicki Minaj. In addiction to losing her voice, she also had to cancel her appearance at V Festival and is currently undergoing voice surgery to get her pipes back to normal. Thousands of English fans were disappointed this weekend when they all turned up to V Festival to find out that Nicki will not be appearing because she has pulled her vocal chords. At first this story baffled me as I was clueless as to how a rapper loses there voice considering they don’t sing but then Nicki has been dabbing a bit in singing on her new album so it was understandable.

She then took to Twitter to confirm the news and consistently kept apologizing to her British fans for letting them down. On a few occasions she even got into slight Twitter arguments with a couple of her fans who said that her cancelling just wasn’t good enough! She also revealed on Twitter that she was undergoing throat surgery this week to get her voice back to normal. Oh Nicki, we hope you get better and well soon as it clearly has been a bad week for you!

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