FEATURE: Beyoncé’s Tumblr Crazy!

You gotta love Beyoncé. No matter what she does or say you gotta love her. Of recent her Tumblr addiction has formed some sort of a internet frenzy amongst everyone. It’s not often that you find a celebrity who is willing to tell a story through pictures of there life. Most celebrities just blurt out whatever they feel is acceptable in the newspapers or in magazines. Beyoncé’s most intimate and personal pictures are featured on her tumblr page. I surprised at some of the pictures considering that she is one of the most secretive celebrities around. You don’t hear anything about her life unless she physically says it. So why I am giving Beyoncé’s tumblr page a feature? Well…last night I took the opportunity to visit Beyoncé’s tumblr page and was totally taken back. Some of the pictures on there tell a thousand story and that’s what excited me about her page. Some of the pictures give you an open detail about her life. The bits that we thought we knew but we clearly had no idea of.

Two of my favorites pictures off her tumblr page are these two (see below):

In most of her pictures family seems like her number one priority. The first picture is her daughter Blue Ivy wearing a Watch The Throne tour dates t-shirt while Beyoncé is feeding her milk. The picture for me is amazing. It was clear from the day that she gave birth to Blue Ivy that things between her, Jay-z and Blue would become very very private. That’s why I like the picture cause it feels like i’m one step closer to her on a deep fan connection. The second picture is of her and her sister Solange. The love that she shares with her sister seems so genuine and real. It seems like no matter how much more success Beyoncé will have over her sister; they will still look out and care for each other. I love Beyoncé. She is so inspirational to all women everywhere.

You can check out her tumblr page: iambeyonce.tumblr.com

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