Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Nominations Revealed!

This weeks nominations were released and to be honest I was’t really surprised. I kind of had an idea of who would be up this week and my predictions were right. Danica, Rhian, Samantha and Mike ‘The Situation’ all face the public vote this week. With all the love-ratting and boyfriend speculating that has been going on it clear to see that Danica, Mike and Rhian are not safe this week. I think Samantha has a 30% chance of being saved only because she hasn’t done anything in the house yet to get it trouble for. Something tells me she is playing it safe!

Danica and all that comes with her has been flirting her way through the house and gaining a bit of a reputation after only being there for a week and a bit. It’s hard to understand who Danica likes considering one minutes she’s flirting with Mike and then Prince Lorenzo. Rhian on the other hasn’t be flirting her bits and bobs everywhere. Unlike Danica, she has been quite boring. I wanna see some blond bombshells kicking off and pulling out each others hair but i’m not getting that with Rhian. He miniature lost fest with Judo fighter Ashley is far from blossoming to say the least.

Mike ‘The Situation’ is definitely in a “situation” right now. One minute he’s all over Danica and next minute he’s slagging her off to the biggest love rat in England MC Harvey. So much for loyalty Mike. I can’t say that this series interests me but then again I can’t say that it doesn’t. I’m 50/50 with this Celebrity Big Brother.

Danica, Mike ‘The Situation’, Rhian and Samantha all face the public vote this week Who do you think will go?

What do you think? Leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

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