Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Rhian Is Evicted!

Last night the entire nation was shocked when Rhian became the latest casualty of Celebrity Big Brother. Danica, Mike ‘The Situation’ and Samantha were all saved last night by the public which shocked everyone considering how badly Danica got booed. It was clear that Danica was favourite to go after her latest going ons with Mike ‘The Situation’ and Prince Lorenzo. When Brian spoke live to the house Danica got booed the most and generally everyone thought she was next to be evicted after Cheryl Ferguison. However, Rhian pulled the short straw and became the 3rd evictee. Her reaction shocked everyone also because she seemed so happy to go rather than being upset. I think she was happy to see the back of the Big Brother house as well as Ashley. Of recent the little on and off goings between Ashley and Rhian has caused quite a stir in the house. Ashley who claims his heart was broken also seemed quite please to see the back of Rhian. Later on that night all the housemates had to nominate live in front of each other. The result of that is that Danica, Samantha and Coleen will face the public vote and one of them will be evicted on Friday.

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