Beyonce, Jay-Z, Rita Ora and many more stars party at Made in America Festival!


Jay-Z’s Made in America festival has had everyone partying this weekend and there’s no doubt about it. This weekend, all of Jay-Z’s favourite musicians came out to play this weekend in Philadelphia. Rita Ora, Santigold, MMG, G.O.O.D Music, Pearl Jam, Rum DMC, Jay-Z and many other musicians took to the stage to perform there hits for the public. Various other celebrities turned up to witness this once in a lifetime festival. Pop star Rita Ora tweeted the picture above of herself, Beyonce and Jay-Z partying up the town.

Rita also celebrated her album becoming number one this weekend. Beyonce and Kim Kardashian kept there distance at the festival after rumors of a rift between the two had been circulating. Beyonce was seen on the side of the stage supporting her husband whilst Kim was hidden backstage in the lounge. Kim later tweeted pictures of herself sitting with Kanye West and his music industry friends. A lot of people gave the festival good reviews and hope that Mr. Jay-Z will do this again next year.

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