FEATURE: I Want To Live My Life Like A Disney Princess


Every girl wants that ultimate ending…to find there prince charming. Growing up I was obsessed with Disney movies, especially the princesses. I ever so desperately wanted to be like them. Have the beauty, the brains, the friends, the ups and downs, the gowns, the happy endings and the prince charming. I’ve been on this planet for 19 years and not one of these things have come to me which makes me question the reality to a happy ending. Does it exist? Is there such thing? Will anyone ever get that final drop of happiness they we all long for? I look at characters like Belle and Cinderella and hope that’s how my life will turn out. But I’m not stupid nor am I immature.

I thought I was in love once but boy was I wrong. He turned out to be one of those green eyed monsters that your parents read to you when your younger. I think the main question on most female minds is…does prince charming exist? Will I ever find someone who will love me forever and ever? Maybe Disney’s intentions isn’t to trick the female mind. Maybe there intentions is to alert us. But if so why do it in a over-the-top fairytale way? Why not be blunt about it and just say you have to have shit thrown in your face before you can be with the one you long for? It seems to me that Disney princesses have it rather easy. Take Snow White. All she had to do is eat a rotten apple, pass out and lay on her back waiting for a kiss. Seems fairly easy right? If love fell into every girls hands like this I wouldn’t be writing this article! If I could live my life like a Disney princess I fucking would but I can’t.

Hopefully one day my prince charming will come galloping through London and rescue from this shit hole that I currently call my life. Until then I shall continue to dream of becoming a Disney princess…*sighs*

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