Day: September 4, 2012

New Music Video: Azealia Banks – 1991

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Idiot of the Week: Evelyn Lozada

Yes, Idiot of the Week this week is going out to Evelyn Lozada. Now the reason why I am serving Evelyn with Idiot of the Week this week is not because of the recent events that has taken place in Evelyn’s life but its for the comment that she made whilst doing her interview about her assault from Chad Ochocinco where she compared herself to a rape victim.

During the conversation between Evelyn and Rosemary Lockhart on ABC’S Nightline Evelyn said “I think that it’s like saying, look at that woman, look at what she had that’s why she got raped. I feel it’s a little unfair. Whatever the perception of me is on Basketball Wives, that doesn’t justify what happened.” Evelyn boo, this comment was not needed at all. Basically you just compared your situation with Chad to a rape victims?! Is Evelyn feeling okay?

After Nightline aired in the US a lot of people had a lot of things to say about Evelyn and the interview. A lot of people admired her honesty and her strength and commended her for bringing her situation to the light. However most of the people disagreed with Evelyn’s comment and felt that in Evelyn’s case ‘Karma is a Bitch’!. On Basketball Wives, Evelyn is constantly trying to knock seven shades out of everyone and this time someone knocked seven shades out of her. I’m not excusing what Chad done to Evelyn, I think what he done was disgraceful. Majority of the viewers who watch Basketball Wives have no pity for Evelyn and feel that she got what she’s always trying to dish out on the show. Evelyn girl, you have to remember that your reputation is against you right now. Most people see you as a bully and it was reported that you hit Chad first which wouldn’t surprise anyone if you actually did hit him first. Later on in the interview Evelyn did state that she knows that Chad still loves her but he made a mistake and needs help.

I was looking at everyone’s views on the interview and a lot of people pointed out that she didn’t even have a scar or stitches which makes you question whether he hit her hard or not. I DON’T agree with what Chad did to Evelyn but I definitely don’t agree with Evelyn’s comment. You can not compare your situation to a rape victim. No…never! And that’s why Evelyn Lozada is getting Idiot of the week…purely for that comment.

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