Song of the Week: The Fugees – Ready or Not


I’m taking it old school this week. I have decided to give Song of the Week to The Fugees for there 1996 hit Ready or Not. Earlier this week, I was going through my mum’s old CD collection and came across The Fugees album ‘The Score’. I decided to play it just to reminisce about them old school hits and ever since then I haven’t been able to get the songs out of my head. The song that stuck in my head the most was Ready or Not. I was 3 years old when the song got released but I remember growing up and hearing The Fugee records being played in my house.

Over the last 2 days I have been attempting to learn the rap just so I can sing along. Cheesy…yes I know! I miss The Fugees. I actually do. They made such peaceful and real music. I feel like there music will always live on because of the fact that they were different and kept true to themselves.

Lauryn Hill is so so so talented with her R&B vocals and Wyclef Jean and Pras added that element on hip hop to the group. Songs like Fu Ge La and Killing Me Softly will forever live on. That’s why I have chosen to give The Fugees – Ready or Not Song of the Week.

Check out there videos below:

The Fugees – Ready or Not

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