The X Factor 2012: Bootcamp Review and Which Judge Got What Act!


Aww, The X Factor. Some things just never change. Last night, the final stage of bootcamp aired and as usual some of the good acts went home and some of the novelty acts *cough cough Rylan* went through to the judges houses. It was a disappointing bootcamp finale considering that some of the acts who I thought deserved to go through went home like Melanie from the Girls category and Jade; who auditioned last year and won the crowd over with her rendition of Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’.

Untalented acts like Rylan and Nicola sailed through to the judges houses. I think I speak for most of the British nation when I say ‘WTF HAPPENED TONIGHT ON THE X FACTOR?’. Some acts definitely deserved to go through like James from the Boys category and Nathan; who is an already established musician.

When it came time for the judges to get given there acts by the one and only Simon Cowell, I have to admit I was grinding my teeth. I am glad that Nicole got the boys because I personally feel like there the best category. Louis got the groups, Tulisa got the girls and finally Gary got the over 28s. I don’t think Gary was happy about receiveing the over 28s but at least they didn’t get Louis. After Little Mix being the first group to ever win the X Factor, I think Louis might have a chance in winning cause some of the groups this year okay.

Tulisa is sitting pretty with the girls however I’m not a fan of the girl category this year. I’m really feeling them as much as last year. Next week is judges houses and the guest judges are having everyone buzzing. Louis’ guest judge is Sharon Osbourne, Nicole’s guest judge is R&B superstar Ne-Yo, Tulisa’s guest judge is R&B star Tinie Tempah and Gary’s guest judge is the nation’s sweetheart Cheryl Cole. Next week looked promising!

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