Nicki Minaj Launches Pink Friday Perfume!


It’s arrived! Rapper Nicki Minaj launched her highly anticipated perfume Pink Friday today at Macy’s and she definitely turned heads with her outfit. Miss Minaj wore a low cut bra top which showcased her chest area and a blue and white pair of body hugging trousers. The scent; Pink Friday, which is also the name of her first album is the rappers first fragrance. She revealed on Twitter the image of the bottle and the name of the bottle last month.


The perfume bottle is a replica of Nicki’s upper chest. The bottle features a pink wig and a boob tub. Nicki is known for her outrageous hairstyles and wigs. Nicki has said to be extremely pleased about how the perfume bottle turned out. The Hip Hop queen recently became one of the new American Idol judges alongside Mariah Carey and Keith Urban. It seems that life is looking good for Nicki right now.



It’s unknown when the fragrance will be released but I think everyone is excited to smell it. Earlier this month, Lady Gaga released her perfume ‘Fame’ which is apparently cleaning up the shelves. With both Nicki and Gaga’s perfumes being out, be wonder which perfume will rein on top in sales. The battle of fragrances between Nicki and Gaga has started!

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