Guilty Pleasure: Nick Grimshaw on BBC Radio 1’s Breakfast Show

When Chris Moyles announced that he was leaving Radio 1’s breakfast show, the whole nation was devastated. 8 years worth of laughs and jokey time were over. I was on the fence about who would we taking over from Chris and whether they would do a good job or not. So like everyone else I waited to hear who would be the voice that I would wake up to in the morning. I had my money set on one person; Fearne Cotton. I desperately wanted her to get the role on the breakfast club. When the time came for it to be announced, I was a very shocked when the announced that Nick Grimshaw would be taking over. At first, I thought it was some sort of joke but nope it was true. I have to admit in the beginning I wasn’t to sure about Nick taking over from Chris, but it felt it would only be fair if I gave him a chance. And what do you know……the chance paid off. Grimmers has become my addiction. Every morning when I wake up, I turned on my Sky+ box and press 0101 to hear Nick. I absolutely love Nick in the mornings and the segments that he does like ‘Wheel of Four Tunes’, ‘Shelbot’ and ‘The Nickstape’.

He’s not quite Chris Moyles yet but I reckon in a few year time he could be just as good as Moyles. He even has his celebrity friends like Rita Ora, Harry Styles from One Direction and Pixie Geldof backing his corner and screaming ‘#TEAMGRIMMY’. I love waking up to The Breakfast Show and you know what despite all the negative comments that everyone else has been making…..I LOVE GRIMMERS. You can listen to Nick on The Breakfast Show from Monday to Friday starting at 6.30am to 10 am.

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