Guilty Pleasure: Cuckoo

I am cuckoo for cuckoo (yes, pun intended)! BBC3’s new and funniest comedy Cuckoo has me in stitches everytime I watch it. If you have never heard of Cuckoo or even seen the show, where have you been?! Cuckoo is a American spiritual ninja who follow the new age of life. Rachel; who is the daughter of Ken’s meets Cuckoo and marries him whilst on her gap year from Uni. When she comes back home, she introduces her parents Lorna and Ken to Cuckoo in which Ken takes an instant dislike to Cuckoo. Ken and Cuckoo go through different trials and tribulations together which results with them to become friends towards the end of the show. Ken warms up to Cuckoo and welcomes him as his son-in-law. Andy Samberg provides possibly his best acting performance ever with playing Cuckoo. His peaceful and soulful acting as Cuckoo is hilarious. There isn’t one episode where Andy Samberg doesn’t make you believe that he is Cuckoo. The show also stars The Inbetweeners star Greg Davis who plays the father of Rachel and the new enemy of Cuckoo’s. Greg provides the classical father vs. son-in-law role. I am in love with this show and generally never miss an single episode.

Even though the series has come to an end, I will always keep watching Cuckoo on repeat and I will especially be watching the new series (if they make one)! Cuckoo is definitely me guilty pleasure! Watch The Trailer For Cuckoo:

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