Beyonce Joins Instagram!


Queen B has finally joined Instagram. The R&B superstar joined instagram last night during the US 2012 Elections and didn’t hesitate to promote her happiness for Obama. The first picture Beyonce posted was a subliminal but blatant diss to Mitt Romney. On a piece of paper, she wrote “TAKE THAT MITCHES”. Beyonce made it very clear that she was a firm supporter in Barack Obama. The second photo the superstar posted was of herself wearing a bright light pink t-shirt which read “Texans for Obama”. Her third and most recent posted picture was of herself standing behind the Brooklyn, New York sign pulling a mean mugging face.


Beyonce has never really been one for posting her personal life however it would seem that she has had a change of heart. Usually she will post her life images on her tumblr page. She tweeted her first tweet earlier this year which caused a media frenzy amongst everyone. I’m excited that she has decided to start sharing with her fans more. I look forward to seeing what other pictures she has to show us!

If you have an instagram account you can follow Beyonce. Her instagram name is: baddiebey.

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