Congratulations Barack Obama!!!!


Congratulations is in order to the man of the moment Mr. Barack Obama. Last night everyone around the globe was watching nervously as the votes were counted for the US 2012 Elections. It was Romney vs. Obama in what was the closet elections to date. Everyone thought that Romney was gonna storm high and beat Obama in the elections however Obama proved that he is the man and won the vote. The final vote count was 303 Obama to 203 Romney.

Millions of people in the US celebrated as Obama made his speech thanking everyone for voting for him and believing in him. Loads of celebrities were backing Obama like Beyonce, LaLa Anthony, Jay-Z, Eva Longoria & Katy Perry. It seems that he is quite popular in the US especially with the younger audience. Even though a lot of people were over the moon at his victory, celebrities like Stacy Dash and Donald Trump were not. Dash and Trump were heavily supporting Romney bit it seems that there campaigns just weren’t strong enough to rival Obama.

I just wanna say congratulations to Obama and his family. You played a good game and it looked like it payed of. Four more years in power. Congratulations. We all wish you the best.

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