November’s Artist of the Month: Angel

Here at Roseberry Productions we like to show appreciation to music and all that comes with it. This month we have chosen Angel as our Artist of the Month. Being a newcomer on the British R&B scene can be very hard however Angel has managed to dodge that stereotype of a struggling R&B singer by collaborating with some of the best grime and underground artist as well as receiving his first 10 top hit in the UK. When I first heard of Angel, I have to admit there was a tiny bit of doubt surrounding him for me only because the last time there was a good R&B singer in Britain it was Craig David. My sister became completely besotted with him and everyday she would sing the lyrics to Wonderful. The song as well as the artist himself started to warm on me and eventually I gave in. The first song I ever heard from him was Go In, Go Hard which was on the soundtrack for the dance film Street Dance 2. His second single ‘Wonderful’ has become a huge hit over here in the UK. Angel recently performed at the 2012 MOBO awards and stunned everyone with his amazing performance. I got to much love for Angel now and I know that in the future he will become an even bigger star in the future especially on the music scene. I love his music and that’s the reason why I am giving Angel Artist of the Month.

Check Out His Videos Below:

Angel – Wonderful

Angel – Go In, Go Hard ft. Wretch 32

Angel – Time After Time

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