Idiot of the Week: Kim Kardashian


Yes, Idiot of the Week this week is going out to Kris Humphries wife and Kanye West’s girlfriend Kim Kardashian. Now, I don’t know about you guys but I like to live my life by a certain phrase which goes “If I Don’t Know, Then I Don’t Comment”, clearly something Kim K doesn’t go by. Earlier this week Kim tweeted a response about the current war that is taking place between Israel and Palestine. Kim tweeted “praying for everyone in Israel” which followed with the next tweet “praying for everyone in Palestine”. Shortly after tweeting this Kim received a multitude of threatening tweets from angry people all over tweeter. Kim then issued a official statement apology on her website.

Now, I understand that sometimes praying for people when devastating things are happening is okay, HOWEVER when you don’t know what’s actually happening don’t comment! Simply! I bet you Kim was sitting there thinking ‘Oh I’m just gonna tweet about something I clearly know nothing about and people will say nothing’….well you was wrong Kim. I haven’t seen or heard any other celebrity on Twitter talking about the war but yet you think just cause your Kim Kardashian no one will say anything. Also it’s pretty clear that you didn’t write that statement of apology. You ain’t fooling us Kim! And that’s why your getting Idiot of The Week.

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