November/December’s Celebrity Style of the Month: Beyoncé

My celebrity style of the month for this month goes to Beyoncé. Beyoncé has never been one to shy away from fashion which doesn’t surprise me considering she is one of the world’s style icons. The recent photos she has been posting on her ever so popular Tumblr site has shown Beyoncé’s new fashion style. Beyoncé is known for wearing mostly sophisticated and lady like clothes however nowadays she is drifting more into the fashionista queen. I’ve always admired Beyoncé and her choice of clothing. Unlike most musicians she doesn’t try to dress funky to grab peoples attention. She always keeps it simple and personally I think that’s the best way to keep it.

I love the way she manages to contrast the colours of her outfits together so well. Sometimes it is very hard to find an accessory or a pair of shoes that will match the outfit perfectly however it seems that Beyoncé has no problem with that. Artist often get there styles compared with each others like how Gaga is often referred to as copying Madonna and like how Ms. Minaj is always being compared to everyone with her style, however I rarely hear that Beyoncé is being compared or referred to someone. She is a true trendsetter and I just adore the photos of her style that she photographs and shows on tumblr. That’s why I’m giving Mrs. Carter ‘Celebrity Style of the Month’.

Check out some of the photos of her fashion that she posts on her Tumblr account.

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