Our Days Are Overrr! Rita Ora and Rob Kardashian Split As Rob Accuses Rita Of Cheating On Him With 20 Guys!


It’s over between Rita Ora and Rob Kardashian as its been reported that Rita broke up with Rob due to her busy schedule whilst trying to juggle a long distance relationship. The Shine Ya Light singer is reported to be left heartbroken at having to split for Rob, however it doesn’t seem like Rob is heartbroken as he has been slamming and accusing Rita of cheating on him with 20 guys. Rob did what most of the Kardashians do and took to Twitter to accuse the singer of cheating on him.


It was reported earlier this year that Rob’s older and more famous sister Kim Kardashian didn’t really take to Rita and insisted that what he really needed was an Armenian girlfriend. 30 minutes after Rob tweeted these comments about Rita he deleted the tweets. Rob’s other sister Khloé also took to Twitter to tell Rob to be nice and that she’s looking out for him. So do you think it’s true? Do you think Rita cheated on Rob with 20 guys? Let me know what you think?

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