Idiot of the Week: Rob Kardashian


Yes, Idiot of the Week this week is going out to the most irrelevant Kardashian; the most useless Kardashian since Kim, Mr. Robert Kardashian. Now unless you’ve been sleeping under a bridge and don’t know or haven’t heard, Rita Ora and Rob Kardashian are OVERRR! Yes, you heard right there over but that’s not why I’m giving Rob ‘Idiot of the Week’. The reason I’m giving Rob ‘Idiot of the Week’ is because yesterday he did one of the most childish and pathetic things a man can do when he breaks up with a woman…CRY LIKE A BITCH ON TWITTER!

It was reported that Rita broke up with Rob due to her busy schedule and the long distance relationship thing was too much for her. Now clearly Rob didn’t like the fact that she broke up with him so he took to Twitter to rant about her. He tweeted several times saying things like “you cheated on me with 20 guys, you were in a faithful relationship” and my personal favorite “respect thy self”. Because of Rob’s accusations and tweets, the name ‘Rita Whora’ began trending worldwide on Twitter and hasn’t stopped since.

Now, this is what bugs me about this situation. When your last name is Kardashian you don’t have the right to call somebody else a whore. Your sister Kim invented being a hoe Rob. Firstly Rob you need to remember how your whole family got famous and you wanna talk about ‘Respect Thy Self’! You should be dropping the words on your sister instead of Rita. Rita is a beautiful young woman who is bound to make mistakes. It’s not her fault she cheated on you, it’s yours. Sort it out bro and sort it out quickly.

Shortly after he tweeted those things about Rita he deleted them like the bitch boy that he is. Rob, you clearly need some life advice so imma give you some. GET A JOB AND STOP TRYING TO MAKE MONEY OFF OF RITA. HOW ABOUT INSTEAD OF USING YOUR TWITTER ACCOUNT TO SHAME RITA, USE IT TO PUBLICIZE YOUR POOR SOCK COLLECTION. LEAVE RITA ALONE!

I got to much love for Rita and so do a lot of other people. Rob is a Kardashian…of course he is gonna pull something like this. That’s what him and his family lives for and that’s why I’m giving Rob ‘Idiot of the Week’. Watch what you say Rob cause you could soon be getting Idiot of the Year.

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