December’s Artist of the Month: Mumford & Sons


Here at Roseberry Productions we like to show appreciation to music and all that comes with it. This month we have chosen Mumford & Sons as our Artist of the Month. I’ve got too much love for Mumford & Sons. Something about there music just seems to bring out the festival side of me. Everytime I hear ‘Little Lion Man’ I can’t help but stomp my feet and shake my head till it hurts. I feel like 2012 has definitely been the year for British music with the likes of One Direction, Cher Lloyd, Emeli Sande, Ed Sheeran and many more dominating in America. Mumford & Sons to me are one of the many British artists that define British music. There music to me is just raw talent.

I didn’t really have to research Mumford & Sons when I first heard about them cause they was everywhere. You couldn’t turn on the radio or the television without hearing about Mumford & Sons. Usually when I hear that an artist or musician being over publicized I would scream and immediately avoid everything to do with that artist but when I saw that Mumford & Sons were getting all this publicity and respect, for once I was mad. These guys deserve everything bit of success that they receive. To me, I feel that they have made indie folk music more popular than ever.

The band consists of Marcus, Ben, Ted and Country Winston; four every British guys who only have one love and that’s for music. There first album ‘Sigh No More’ sold more than 2 million copies in the US. They released the singles Little Lion Man, Winter Winds, Roll Away Your Stone and The Cave off of that album. There second album ‘Babel’ which just got released back in September has already sold over 1 million copies in the US and has earned them a numerous amount of Grammy nominations. The singles I Will Wait and Lover of the Light has been released off the album. I seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE this band. I hope they win big at the Grammy’s and continue to do a lot for British music.

Check Out There Videos Below:

Mumford & Sons – I Will Wait

Mumford & Sons – Little Lion Man

Mumford & Sons – The Cave

Mumford & Sons – Lover of the Light

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