Is Britney Spears Being Booted Off The X Factor USA For Being Boring??


Is Simon Cowell ever satisfied with any of the X Factor judges besides himself? It would seem the answer to that question would be no, considering that there has been numerous rumours about the Queen of Pop herself Miss Britney Spears being booted off the show for being to boring.

It seems replacing judges on The X Factor USA has become a new hobby for Simon as on the first season he booted off Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger; who then replaced Kelly Rowland on The X Factor UK. He replaced them with Britney herself and teen sensation Demi Lovato. Let’s not forget he humiliated the nation’s sweetheart Miss Cheryl Cole when he kicked off the show because no one could understand her accent.

There were a few reports last month that Simon was considering replace Demi Lovato as he finds her hard to work. Not even a couple weeks later LA Reid announced that he will be leaving the show himself to get back to work and focus more on his record label. It looks like it’s all crumbling down hill for Mr. Cowell at the moment. I would also seem that his dream of dominating America with another talent show like American Idol just isn’t working out. Sorry Simon!

So I want you to let me know who do you think could possibly replace Britney as a judge on the show?

What do you think? Leave a comment at the bottom of the page.


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