Is Tulisa Quitting The X Factor???


It would seem that all is not bright and sunny in Tulisa’s world at the moment as she has possibly had one of the worst years ever this year. To think of all the things that have happened to her this year; the release of what could possibly be the world’s worst celebrity sex tape ever, worst album and single sales from a solo artist this year and now it looks as if she’s ready to quit the one and only thing that is keeping her relevant. According to Tulisa’s dad she is bored of The X Factor now and wants to leave to focus more on her music.

Tulisa; who gained her first ever solo number 1 single ‘Young’ earlier this year, replaced the nation’s sweetheart Cheryl Cole as a judge when Cheryl thought she had gained a permanent place as a judge of the US X Factor. Ever since appearing on the show, poor Tulisa has had nothing but hatred and abuse from loads of people off Twitter.

If Tulisa does decide to quit the X Factor who do you think will replace her? Furthermore what do you think will happen to her credibility? Hope for her sake she choices the right choice!

What do you think? Leave a comment at the bottom of the page.


One comment

  1. I like this girl a lot and think that she gets a unfair hard rap, much more then she deserves. Maybe she should concertrate on her music, as I think shes got the voice to make some great records, maybe she needs a break from X-Factor, because in the last years, understandably she just seemed too tired. Having said that, I like her more then any other judge on the show at the moment:)

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