EXCLUSIVE: It’s Official Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Split Up Following A Big Row


It seems love is no longer in the Swift-Styles household as it has been confirmed by a close source that Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have broken up. According to reports, Taylor and Harry have broken up over a massive row. The details on what the massive row was about is still unclear. Taylor Swift was seen leaving the British Virgin Isles alone after herself and Harry were seen jetting there for a romantic getaway.

Less than a day ago, Taylor Swift’s dad was reported telling the One Direction star not to break Taylor’s heart. Taylor is quite known amongst the young Hollywood scene for being a serial dater. In the past Taylor has dated Twilight heartthrob Taylor Lautner, Jonas brother Joe Jonas, Musician John Mayer, Actor Jake Gyllenhaal and Conor Kennedy. Harry on the other hand has also been a bit of a serial dater too. Harry has reportedly dated TV presenter Caroline Flack and a few other people.

A lot of people (most of those people being their fans) will be heartbroken by this break up. Hope they both some how manage to work things out.

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One comment

  1. Taylor needs to take a break from dating, clearly something is wrong somewhere because her relationships are just ending one after the next after a very short period of time.

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