It’s Official…Britney Spears QUITS The X Factor USA Before Being Fired!!!!


Jheez! It seems as if The X Factor USA just might be cursed. It looks like Simon Cowell can’t hold down a good permanent judge on The X Factor USA as it has been confirmed that Britney Spears has quit the show. According to reports, Britney decided to quit the show after rumors started circulating that Simon Cowell was going to fire her for being to boring. To be fair, Britney did come across as a bit dull on the show considering that she only ever said two words. The current judging panel for the X Factor USA is unknown. Ms Spears has quit and so did LA Reid who said that he is quitting to focus more on his work.

The shows ratings haven’t been doing as well as Simon has hoped which is pushing everyone to believe that the show is a flop. Last season Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger, Cheryl Cole and Steve Jones were all fired from the show which lead to Simon hiring Britney and teen sensation Demi Lovato. Hopefully one day Simon will find the right judge for the judge.

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