OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Destiny’s Child Are Back!


Woohoo! Destiny’s Child are back after 8 years off the scene! I can not tell you how much I am screaming right now. One of the world’s most inspirational and successful girl bands of all time are making a comeback and are releasing a new album and single this month! This all comes as a bit of a shock to the world as nobody knew anything about this. There new album which is titled Love Songs will feature some of there old songs, covers and a brand new single Nuclear which was produced The Neptunes’ Pharrell Williams.


Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams are reuniting for one last time. After the group disbanded back in 2006 each member of the group has gone off to do solo projects and different career choices. Since leaving the band, Beyoncé has had a baby, got married, has released 4 studio albums and toured around the world several times. Kelly Rowland has released 2 studio albums and judged series 8 of the X Factor whilst Michelle Williams has gone on to have the least success out of all the girls.

I’m excited that there reuniting as a band and refreshing my childhood memories. I can’t wait to hear there new music.

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