January’s Celebrity Style of the Month: Kanye West


This month’s celebrity style is going out the Yeezy. In my opinion I feel like he is the only rapper in the industry who’s style doesn’t scream ‘hood’ or ‘ratchet’. This man dresses like a beast. He knows what he wants to wear and he definitely knows how to wear it. Kanye does what most men in the industry are afraid to do when it comes to fashion…colour clash. Sometimes when you see Kanye in an outfit that doesn’t match it’s not because the outfit itself is bad it’s because the colours of the outfit clash and sometimes that can make an outfit look bad but Kanye doesn’t care. He will colour clash until he can’t colour clash no more!

As you guys know my life is dedicated to every and anything leopard print and it would seem that Kanye is a fan of leopard print too. As you can see in the picture above his wasn’t afraid to wear that leopard print jacket and I love that. I feel that he keeps his style classic which for a man is quite a hard thing to do. Whenever you see it whether it be in Paris, London or New York his swag is always fresh and clean. One of my favourite looks on Kanye is the image below. I find his combination of the fur jacket, the leather pants and the Jordan’s A+ amazing. Now…I am against people wearing real fur but this look is to swagged out.


I have gathered a collection of photos of what I think is Kanye’s best styles.



So congrats Kanye, you have become the first male celebrity to make it on the Celebrity style of the month list. Woohoo! What do you think? Leave a comment at the bottom of the page.


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