Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Claire, Heidi & Spencer, Lacey and Rylan Are All Up For Eviction And Face The Public Vote This Week!


Oh yes yes yes! This weeks eviction looks to be a gooden as four celebrities face the public vote this week after a dramatic task which involved Heidi and Spencer. Last week Wednesday, Heidi and Spencer were given a secret task which involved them staging a walkout from the house. They would then move back into the basement which got somewhat of a makeover and spy on the remaining housemates in the house. During this the housemates were unaware that Speidi were watching there every move.

On Friday, Sam was evicted and Speidi returned to the house with one more trick up there sleeve. They had to nominate two housemates who they thought were the dullest. They chose X Factor star Rylan and Steps member Claire. I think we all naturally knew that there was gonna be a massive uproar from this and we weren’t wrong. When Speidi returned to the house they got into several arguments with several different housemates including Rylan, Claire, Trisha, Ryan and a very threatening Razor. Razor got very unpleasant and displayed threatening behaviour which resulted to him getting a formal warning. The argument resorted to Heidi and Spencer being sent to the basement for the time being until everything calmed down.

Unaware to the housemates they were still going to be nominating on Sunday which they did and has resolved with Heidi and Spencer and Lacey joining Claire and Rylan in the eviction this Wednesday. It is unknown whether the eviction will be a double but my money is one Speidi or Claire to go. Who do you think will be evicted?

What do you think? Leave a comment at the bottom of the page.


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