Idiot of the Week: Chris Brown


Yes Idiot of the Week this week is going out to Chris Brown and you know sometimes I naturally think that Chris Brown thrives off of being a idiot. Now I understand that life in the past 5 to 6 years for Chris has been hard but now your just making life harder for yourself. Now I firstly I wanna let it be known that I like Chris Brown. I think he’s super talented and amazing to look at but I don’t buy the image that he is displaying right now.

It was reported this week that Chris Brown and R&B sensation Frank Ocean got into a physical altercation at a recording studio in Los Angeles. It was reported that Chris jumped Frank and punched him in the face. Frank injured himself within this physical altercation and has hurt two of his fingers which has now prohibited him from performing at the 2013 Grammy Awards in February.

Chris….let me be the first to tell you…..YOU ARE NOT ABOUT THAT LIFE!!!!! Stop it. Stop trying to act all Mr. Tough Guy because of what has happened in your past. Yes, you assaulted Rihanna and we all saw the fruits of that labour but that doesn’t mean that you can just go around throwing fists when you want to. Really and truly Chris, you should be throwing fists at people like Jay-Z and Kanye West; two people who threatened to kill your career when you put hands on RiRi. Now if you were really about that life why don’t you step up to them and show them what them fists do considering that they threatened your career rather than put your hands on people who you know are weaker than you.

First you knock the Bajan out of Rihanna, then you throwing bottles at Drake and now you knocking out my little homegirl Frank Ocean. At what point are you gonna stop and knock some sense into yourself? Do you think all of this is making people become afraid of you? Nah boy nah, we ain’t scared of you were laughing at you. You seem like a nice guy so play that role and stop trying to be the tough guy cause you ain’t and that’s a fact.

Chris, you are not about that life and just for your recent actions you are getting idiot of the week!

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