Idiot of the Week: Rihanna


Yes another Idiot of the Week this week is going out to Rihanna. Now this is not the first time that I have had to give out Idiot of the Week twice in one week but you know some idiots just write themselves. Rihanna is getting idiot of the week this week not for something she said but for something she’s done. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls……….Rihanna has take back Chris Brown. Now I have to be honest because this subject is a very sore subject to touch on but I really feel like I need to voice my opinion on this one. I can’t speak for everybody else but when I read the story in Rolling Stones magazine I was rather hurt and upset because I was one of those people who supported Rihanna when she was beaten up by Chris Brown. I felt sorry for her bad even though I like Chris Brown I did sort of like he was being a animal and a nasty person for attacking a woman.

Now I know I was not the only one supporting her because she practically had the whole world supporting her and backing her and in a way she has sort of spat our support for her back in our faces. Now I’m not a big fan of Rihanna, I like a couple of her songs but I’ve never really been a Rihanna fan. But that’s besides the point.

She had a lot of celebrities back her up, even till this very day but I guarantee that there not supporting her now.

My question to Rihanna is simply ‘WHY?’. Why chose to go back to someone who has a violent past not only by assaulting you but assaulting others like rapper Drake and R&B singer Frank Ocean. Let me just say this, Rihanna…if Chris Brown assaults you in anyway whether it be physical or emotional, you will not get any sympathy from me. I invested to much time into feeling sorry for you. I understand that you still love him and want to give him another chance but I totally think you went the wrong way about it. Do what ever you want, whatever makes you happy but I’m mot happy that you took him back and that’s why I’m giving you idiot of the week.

You can read the interview in the latest issue of Rolling Stones magazine.


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