Song of the Week: Macklemore – Thrift Shop


“I WEAR YOUR GRANDADS CLOTHES, I LOOK INCREDIBLE”……..if you don’t know that sentence then where have you been?! If you haven’t heard of Macklemore, take yourself to YouTube and search that because once you hear him you won’t forget him. Macklemore is a rapper from Seattle who managed to grab his first number one single with this song ‘Thrift Shop’. For those of you who don’t live in America and don’t know what a thrift shop is then let me enlighten you. A thrift shop in the US is we like to call a charity shop in the UK and a give way store in other countries.

I had never heard if Macklemore before so I had no idea what he was about all I knew is that he is gorgeous to look at (in ny opinion). Like I said before he’s a rapper from Seattle who consistanly works with Ryan Lewis on a multiple of songs.

I absolutely love love loveeeeeeeeee this song and everytime it comes on I can’t help but song only to the chorus. I love the fact that he wears his grandads clothes and you know what he does look incredible (yes pun intended). I had to give this song, song of the week. I just had to. So if you haven’t heard the song then check out video below.

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