Monday Make-Up Madness: Dark Purple ‘Plum’ Lipstick


This week’s Monday Make-Up Madness is all about dark purple lipstick. I’ve always love dark lipsticks because I’ve always felt that they do so much justice to someone’s face and tone especially in the winter. Growing up, I always watched my mum smack on her plum Chanel lipstick before she went out to the club or bar with her friends. Out of all the colours in the rainbow, Purple is my favourite colour. I’ve always been attracted to the colour purple ever since I was young. Besides leopard print, purple is my obsession.



One of my favourite plum shaded lipsticks is Azealia Banks’ plum lipstick Yung Rapunxel for MAC Cosmetics. Now I’ve tried so hard to purchase this lipstick in the UK but I guess it just won’t ever reach here. I’m pretty sure that the lipstick she wears in her 1991 video is her Yung Rapunxel lipstick. Another plum shaded lipstick that I am absolutely besotted by is Sleek’s Mulberry true colour lipstick. Me and my sister (who is just an make-up fanatic) searched the Sleek lipstick and we were both very pleased. Not only was the texture of the lipstick at good quality but the tone and the colour was perfection.


The colour purple is really popular amongst a lot celebrities like Mariah Carey and Prince and dark plum lipstick seems to be quite popular amongst celebs too. Rihanna, Azealia Banks, Rita Ora and Foxy Brown have all been seen sporting the gothic lip trend. I really do love plum lipstick and I hope that I have somehow persuaded you readers to at least try and sport the dark colour on your lips. Go on girls just try it! Come back next week Monday for another article on Monday Make-Up Madness!

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