Idiot of the Week: Amanda Bynes


Yes, idiot of the week this week is going out to the Lindsay Lohan wannabe Amanda Bynes. I almost died of shock this morning when I woke up and saw that Amanda had tweeted a picture of Jay-Z’s face accompanied by the tweet “Ugly Face @S_C”. She later did what all celebrities do and deleted the tweet. It would seem she ain’t such a badass after all.

Something is forcing me to believe that she did this just for the publicity. She knows that right now everyone is still babbling on about Lindsay Lohan and she couldn’t take it she decided to pick on someone and that person was Jay-Z. Now this the second time that I’ve had to give Amanda idiot of the week which let’s me know that she didn’t listen or take ny advice first time round. Amanda, if you wanna live long enough in Hollywood to see your career get back to what it used to be then firstly you need to respect people. Respect the people who respect you and whether or not they tell you that you should just respect them anyway.

You don’t disrespect the man who could possibly end your how career. You just don’t and that’s why your getting Idiot of the Week. Think before you act, Amanda!

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