Has Khloé Kardashian Been Fired From Hosting The X Factor USA?


And the X Factor drama continues. It was only a couple months ago when Tate Stevens won The X Factor USA and yet the curtains are still open on X Factor gossip. It has been reported that Khloé Kardashian has been fired from hosting the next season of the US X Factor for being too dull and not connecting with the audience. According to a inside source, the producers of the show have decided to drop Khloé and only bring back Mario Lopez who was her co-host on the show.

To be fair she didn’t have any experience when it came to hosting and presenting so maybe that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Khloé; who was the only Kardashian with an actual real life job is not the only person who might not be returning to Simon Cowell’s hit reality show as L.A Reid and Britney Spears are not returning. Britney reportedly quit the show after rumors of her being fired started to spread and L.A Reid quit to focus more on his work. (I know right, it’s too much to take in)!

So who will replace Khloé, Britney and L.A?

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