Idiot of the Week: Keyshia Cole


Yes idiot of the week this week is going out to Keyshia Cole. Now firstly, let it be said that I do like Keyshia Cole. I like her music and you know I used to be a fan of her TV on BET. But at this current moment I am not a fan of Keyshia Cole’s mouth and that is because she has been…let’s call it what it is ‘HATING’ on King Bey aka Beyoncé. Now if you don’t know this story imma take you back, all the way back to February because that’s when this beef between Keyshia and Beyoncé started.

As we all know Beyoncé performed at the halftime show and my girl Bey killed it. Now Keyshia started going on a little Twitter rant during the Superbowl halftime performing stating that fellow Destiny’s Child member Michelle was fucking up the groove of the show. Keyshia got targeted by a lot of people on Twitter, some were Beyoncé fans and the others were just normal folk. They slated Keyshia for dissing Michelle stating that she was just jealous of Michelle.

Now, flash forward to this week. As everyone is aware Beyoncé previewed a snipped of two of her up-and-coming songs off her new album which is set to be released this year and the songs were Bow Down/I Been On. Now the responses from a lot of people were rather negative claiming that the song was not a Beyoncé song and some even stated that her swearing in the song was inappropriate. Now everybody had there fair share of ranting about the song but little old Keyshia Cole had a lot to say. She tweeted “Can’t stand when people all self righteous when it’s convenient it makes them look good. Lmao! But can still talk sh*t when convenient 2,”.

Now, why Keyshia felt the need to take to Twitter again and talk about Beyoncé is beyond me. Firstly, it’s just a song. People are being to melodramatic about this song. Beyoncé is her own person and her own artist, she can write and sing what ever the hell she wants. Keyshia….listen boo, your career is just as irrelevant as you. Ain’t nobody checking for you right now. Don’t hate on someone else just to get attention. Okay so the song isn’t Beyoncé’s best song and it isn’t her worst but at the same time why do you care?

Keyshia Cole needs to learn to mind her own. Don’t feel threatened by a song that might not even be about you. Focus on getting your music back in the charts and I’m not just talking the 106 & Park countdown charts I’m talking the actual billboard charts. I can’t with Keyshia no more. She deserved this idiot of the week.

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